Air Conditioning Birmingham

As the owner of a Birmingham based business, you will know the importance of the role that air conditioners play in boosting the productivity of your workers. According to a survey, nearly 33% of workers lose productivity because of unsuitable temperatures in their office. The study further pointed out that offices without AC units lose more than 30 minutes of working time per employee. No doubt, you have made the right decision by installing ACs manufactured by leading brands in your office to provide your employees with a conducive working environment. You need not worry about the malfunctioning of these devices as long as the warranty covers them. You only need to call the store from which you purchased the device if it malfunctions. However, what can you do after the termination of the warranty period? There is no sense in requesting the manufacturer or the store you purchased the air conditioning unit from because they typically charge outrageously high charges. In such a scenario, your sole option is to contact a reputable air conditioning birmingham company and request them to send their technician to your office to detect the problem and fix the AC unit.

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Always opt for a reputable air conditioning Birmingham company

You might have the temptation to call the technician of a company that charges less. However, you are taking a risk by doing so. Are you sure that the person is fully qualified to service the air cooling gadgets? Is there any guarantee that he will use original equipment spares to service? Does the company provide a comprehensive warranty for labour and parts? Many AC servicing companies can offer lower service charges because they use cheap spares imported from abroad. Such components can damage the other parts of your device. By opting for a reputable company, you can rest assured that their technicians, equipped with the state of the art diagnostic tools, will quickly detect the problem with your AC and fix it using original spares. They will also provide a warranty for replaced parts and labour. If the replaced part malfunctions again within the duration of the warranty, they would replace it free of cost. No doubt, you might have to pay more for hiring the services of such a company. But it works out cheaper than getting your air conditioner damaged totally and bear the cost for replacing it with a new one.